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Magic Catalyst| I am Magic

Director- Creative Key | Impact Leader

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Nutritionist & Entrepreneur-Health & Family Wellness

Motivational Speaker -ToolBox Tuesday

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After many years of searching externally and in so many places  I learned something truly profound:  the key to unleashing our creativity and magic and living authentically lies within us .

Guiding kids to explore their authentic expression through creativity, while also being blessed to live with and witness the growth of a pre-teen and teenager, has been a truly magical journey for me.


 I've witnessed first hand the magic  glow of nurturing their passion and creativity.   It has fueled my desire to inspire young hearts and minds.  


What a privilege it is to spark a shift that inspires our youth to align with the best versions of themselves for a better tomorrow.

I wish to remind these star gems that they are already complete, whole, and interstellar beings, shining with unparalleled brilliance. They are pure magic.

I'm on a mission to inspire , unleash women and teens to discover their authentic voice and step into their full potential, embracing their boundless possibilities.


And so, the magic adventure continues.

Ready? Let's go!

Amor Marquez-Chibanda



A passionate, deep listener, determined to make a difference, and grateful student of life.


My name is Shannon Simpson, and I have been on a path of healing for almost 20 years. My journey of life and curiosity to understand the world outside of me and, more importantly, the world inside of me has led me to a place of inner knowing that self-love is where the medicine is. The sharing of our stories and the vulnerability to speak our truth even when we don’t want to.


My whole life, I have been drawn to support and care for other people. Even when I was 12 years old, I would look after as many as seven children at a time. I have worked as a recreation therapist, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, life coach, and so much more. I have been successfully self-employed for over seven years, moved my home two times away from family, friends, and the stability of daily routine. I have journeyed through cancer, autism, anorexia, and anxiety that has affected my whole family. I have been through many dark times that have brought me to my knees, but the light shines brighter and brighter each time I stand up, speak my truth, and connect with others.


I live on beautiful Vancouver Island with my husband, 15-year-old twins, and little dog Eevee. I love waking in nature, cold ocean dips, paddle boarding, dancing, singing, sunsets, sunrises, and hiking. When I am not with my family and friends, you will find me on the beach listening to the waves, watching the sunset, and often singing to myself. Self-care is a daily practice and a necessity for me.


Teaching is my gift to the world.  Sharing my story and wisdom through all the many things I have experienced in life time. It is my dream to support and hold space for people to come back to self-love, our deep need for connection, and reawaken a passion for life.


Shannon Simpson

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